Feng Shui

House Cleansing and Blessing

What will Feng Shui do for you?


1. Feng Shui clears energy of the past and present that no longer serves you.


2. Everything has an energy, walls, furniture, plants, personal items etc. These energies may not blend with your energies. The Feng Shui will change or clear the energy of these things to harmonize with the occupants energy.


3. Every emotion has an energy frequency. For example if the previous owners had a lot of anger you may find yourself feeling angry and not understand why. If you get angry you may feel fueled by the already existing energy.


4. External walls, we think they protect us. These walls are porous, energy moves through them. Parks, roads, neighbours can influence us in good and bad ways. Feng Shui will keep what benefits you and clears the rest.


5. Everyday life events, business, family every encounter has energy. Humans are like sponges they take in energy to process and resolve issues. This energy can also be transfered to your home.


How it works:

Energy light columns are created in stagnant areas so the energy clears or transforms. The old energy is released and light energy is infused.


Other Affects:

Personal results you can feel and experience; personal development, power, harmony, balance, enpowerment, relaxation, recharge your energy, teamwork, efficiency and peace.


What you have to pay:

The price for the Feng Shui is based on square meters of your home and the degree of energy difficulties. It starts at 5,- €/qm. Work place environments are priced individually. Yearly updates are recommended, these updates are a minimal fee. The above includes the outside area of the property.


Feel free to ask for your individual offer.