Starlight Essences Therapy

Deborah’s Starlight Essences® are a gift to mankind at this special time on planet Earth. They were brought to Earth by Deborah Reiter for the first time in the year 2002. They remind us of our divine origin and light and help us to re-connect with it once again. They bring clarity for this lifetime, that we may follow our heart and our pathway and play our part in the creation of the new world. They remove that which is keeping us stuck in seemingly ‘physical reality’, as we remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and our life becomes easier and more joyful as we learn to go with the flow and take our place in life.


As part of her ‘mission’ Deborah has re activated the lotus in Stonehenge and once again it has become an entry point for the starlight information. Deborah’s Starlight Essences® are immediately connected with the starlight lotus: they carry pure starlight, the divine primordial information of light from the different creation cycles of Earth, from the crystal worlds and from future levels, to support human kind and Earth in the manifestation of the Golden Age.


They are unique in their effect, as they allow with their clear light an insight into the entire being, into your own development path and illuminate all hidden corners and areas, so that it becomes easy to joyfully stimulate your own life flow and be able to follow it.


They are subdivided into three different groups. The first group of the Starlight Essences (31 essences) provide support for all issues related to being human. They allow insights into the person and their different energy bodies, so that the resonances to the issue can be identified and a direct change can be brought about by the energy treatment with the essences. The clients themselves choose 5 out of these 31 according to their own resonance. The individual selection of the client allows the Starlight Essences Consultant to encompass all the areas, which correspond to the issue, be it resistances, areas in need of healing or potential wanting to be strengthened. The Starlight Essences are a gift from Heaven, which remind the person of their own light and help to bring them into contact with it. Simultaneously loving and permeating, they bring new possibilities for you to be able to deal with life’s issues. They always stimulate your own energy flow, and keep sending the necessary impulses to your energy system until you have realised what life wanted to teach you. By opening to your own light, your own being, a new foundation can be built, so that you no longer let yourself be compromised by difficult or complex situations. You can regain your own strength, and take responsibility for your life in a completely different way. The earthly incarnation often only represents a small section of the soul path, which the soul travels from its origin to its own completion.

The Starlight Essences help the person to reconnect with their own soul potential, to remind themselves of their true being and to come into contact with their own incarnation goals.

The second group of the Starlight Essences (62 essences) support this as it allows insights into the soul paths. With these 62 essences from the 10 different star systems, you receive the opportunity to come into contact with your own light, potential, visions and dreams, so that you can again become aware of your own path. These essences show the paths, which the soul has already travelled in the starlight worlds and show what is important for the current incarnation. These essences awaken the light seeds, the memory of your own being, your own origin and of the goal.


The third group - the essences of the divine qualities and the 10 white Goddesses – represents the pure golden light of Heaven. These essences bring new healing levels and realisations of your own divine light. They enable you to experience Heaven on Earth and help you remember your own divinity and to re-connect with it, so that inherent qualities can be strengthened or gifts from Heaven can be brought to Earth. The light permeates all levels of being and grants healing from the non-polar worlds, the eternal undying light. They support a conscious awakening and reassuming of your own creator power, the opening for the light of Heaven, so that it can find expression on Earth. For all groups, the client chooses the essences, so that they can specifically be consulted and supported.


Starlight Essence Reading up to 60 Minutes, € 90,-

Healing session up to 60 Minutes, € 90,-

Healing session up to 90 Minutes, € 135,-

Starlight Essence, each one, € 22,50